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Confabee Make Money Online Business School

Confabee Internet Business School

This Internet business school is an initiative of Confabee to empower Africans beginning  from Nigeria on how to start an online business, make money quickly, continuously and earn a living to cater for themselves, family and have enough to share.

Confabee Internet Business School. Start from anywhere in the  world

This is a step by step approach on how to achieve this. We are passionate about reducing unemployment in Nigeria.

What would you want to achieve?

  1. Make some money online
  2. Earn a living online
  3. Start a new internet business
  4. Make an existing business profitable
  5. Learn new skills to be more professional
Confabee Internet Business School

Whatever may be your expectations, you are assured of achieving it to the fullest. The great thing about internet business is that it is open to all with almost no competition. We are committed to make everyone that enrolls in Confabee’s Internet Business School reach success quickly and perpetually. Our bench mark is for every graduate to earn a minimum of $100 to $200 in their 1st month on graduation and a minimum of $1000 within 3 to 6 months post graduation.

There is no better place to be successful online than Here.

If you have not enrolled, do today and start a full time internet business or a part time internet business.

See you in class.

The following Courses are on offer in August 2010

This is a result of the response from our members as per the courses they will be interested in. Other courses may be offered in September 2010

You can offer up to a maximum of 3 courses at a time.

Course period is 17th – 31st August 2010


  1. Make $10,000 or more per month 
    (take ALL  of these courses)

    Ultimate Massive Traffic MachineEbay Business Machine

    CellPhone Money Machine

    Niche Site Building & Marketing

  2. Make $1,000 – $2,000 per month
    (take any of these courses)

    Ultimate Massive Traffic MachineEbay Business Machine

    CellPhone Money Machine

    Niche Site Building & Marketing

  3. Quit Your Job in 90 Days
    (take any  2 of these courses)

    Ultimate Massive Traffic MachineEbay Business Machine

    CellPhone Money Machine

    Niche Site Building & Marketing

Course Outline (Basic)


  • Introduction to online businesses
  • Who is Who on the internet
  • identifying online money making opportunities
  • Understanding online money making opportunities

Income Centers

  • Online money making niches
  • Identifying your primary niche
  • developing your niche
  • developing online business around your passion
  • developing online business around your career/profession

Business Development

  • Choosing your domain name
  • registering your domain name
  • hosting your website
  • developing content for your business
  • building your website
  • launching your money making website
  • monitoring web statistics
  • monitoring your earning

Making Money

  • Publicizing your business
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Free web traffic methods
  • Maximizing your earnings
  • Expanding your business
  • How to earn $200 in 1 month
  • How to achieve at least $1,000 in 3- 6 months
  • How to achieve at least $3,000/month earning in 12 months


Please find the list of advanced courses here
Please leave a comment with your name on that page for the course(s) you will be interested in taking.

CONFABEE LTD, No 1A Constitution Road, P.O. Box 8238, Kaduna, Nigeria

Confabee Office 08037052246, 062888098, 062888099, 062290262, 062290263

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  1. Daramola Shola says:

    please how much is to cost me to run thev proramme?

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  3. how do i start, becos i m in benue state

  4. Geoffrey Akueche says:

    I want to know how to join and the financial commitment. Let me know so I can join asap.

  5. Ezeilo Patrick Osy says:

    How do I get started.Need to make money both online and in my busines


    I will like to know more about confabee internet business school

  7. Nnenna says:

    iam interested send details about it

  8. Chris Bain says:

    give me complete details on how to start

  9. AGATHA says:

    I am very much interested in the total package, please let me know the cost fees and when the programme will start so i can plan ahead. I dont have time thats my problem. If one does not make money like u have said what happens?

  10. Gospul says:

    Am interested in cell phone money making machine. Bt plz u guys shud send me details on hw 2 start.

  11. Bashir A. Isah says:

    Please send the detail for me on this email; bashirabubakar77@yahoo.com

  12. please send me the details and how much it will cost me to enroll.


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    Pls kindly send the details of the cost implication to my maiulbox ;mann4u19@yahoo.com

  14. falowo lana says:

    how do i get started

  15. Magnate Uchey says:

    Are sure u’r not trying to make u’r own money selfishly? If u think u’r sincere, send me all i need to know about the programme. Beware of deceit!!! It will boomerang, my man… I’m waiting for u’r information

  16. This is a great site. The content is very informative.

  17. george says:

    How real can it be? Please… Convince me.

  18. Grace Okosun says:

    I’m interested in making on-line please send me guidelines because i want to start next week Monday. Thanks

  19. Emma Nkem says:

    How will i achieved at leeast 3000 usd in a month?
    i am interested in that one

  20. Emma Nkem says:

    How will i achieeved 3000 usd at laest in a month?
    i am interested in that one

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