Business Development

You must now be familiar with the way money is made online. The various sites that are making waves on the internet. You must also be familiar with the who is who or internet money makers. You should have been able to see opportunities by now.

However, on a final note , on these eye opening encounters, you must know the currency of the internet. This is what is traded day by day. It is what brings the big bucks. If you want to be successful, you must not take this likely.

The Internet Most Valuable Currency

Business Building

Whether you are just starting out for the first time, or adding to an existing internet marketing empire you need to start with a simple marketing plan to find a new niche online that you can develop.

The advantage of the internet is the ability for people to find specific information on narrow topics of interest to them. With hundreds of millions of people searching for everything under the sun, it becomes possible to do target market marketing by narrowly focusing on a lucrative market where there is already demand for products. The trick as a marketer is to identify what niche you can effectively exploit most profitably.

At the end of this Business Development Series of Lessons you must be able to come to a conclusion what business to do online. You should be able to choose conveniently the market(s) to do your business. You will be able to measure your strength and weakness. You should also be able to project how much you can make from a particular market or niche.

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  1. Ajidahun Adebola says:

    This is cool.

  2. Ajidahun Adebola says:

    This is good. Confabee has been a blessing to me.I know whats going on around me.

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    Really really great

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    Thanks for the knowledge pass

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    We should always face any task at hand before thinking of tommorrow.

  6. Its cool writing,I enjoy it a lot.

  7. The most important thing in making money on line is to be very conversant with the foreign currency involve in trading and their values,so any rise or fall can help minimise loss while trading.

  8. femi fafunso says:

    welcome and billiant idea

  9. Beatrice Aricha Okwoche says:

    None yet but will make one soom. will be a pleasure working with you.

  10. I am up with the firm to job with all of my ability

  11. The firm should also encourage young undergraduate that are coming up to burst their career.

  12. You should reach out to campuses and burst young graduates.

  13. solomon says:

    yes i sent the application

  14. solomon says:

    i would want to work with you if the environment is good enough

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  16. How can i get started

  17. liferow says:

    I appreciate this forum. I pray God Almighty to continue be your rear guard….

  18. Ngozi Egwu says:

    Good to go.

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    sounds like a very good idea

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    I know i will love it here because it will people like me great in future

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    I am interested in doing this

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    it’s a good opportunity to explore myself further

  24. oluwakemi says:

    it’ also a great privilege for a lot of young people to learn new things.

  25. alaje gbenga says:

    let start the business

  26. omon elizabeth says:

    Great initiative,great opportunities…

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    It is quite revelling!

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    it is motivating

  29. Margaret says:

    Good Innovation

  30. I can’t wait for this competition

  31. Isaac Nwosu says:

    It is quite interesting and an eye opener.

  32. Ngbale Lawrence Kada says:

    I am very pleased with this noble initiative that will not only provide an imformative platform but will also help in the advancement of our cherished dream of a better Nigeria.Gratias!

  33. Uyo.S. WESEY says:

    Great information to act on fast.

  34. Onwukike Maureen Chioma says:

    please donn’t stop. I am loving it. It is like a tv presenter and her audience.Good to know that the Internet has allarge and enough audience and also teachers to make the world indeed, a global village. Information truly bridges the gap

  35. Omole Ayodeji says:

    The ability to absorb vital information and effectively utilize it’s applications would best be termed as “being alive”. The kind of information you give us here will open the eyes of multitudes to exploit the opportunities opened by the 21st century and bring people out of that closet to a transformed state best describing them as “being alive”.Keep it up.

  36. Ogunsola fisayo says:

    Good stuff

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    I’m so loving this. I’m interested in thisand would love to be a part of it. How do I go about getting hooked up?

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    This is nice

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    Good to know

  40. This is an eye opener. it will help the youth not to be involved in internet fraud. GUYS!No more yahoo yahoo, go working using your brain and make it real time.

  41. daniel richard ayokunmi says:

    This idea is a remarkable one which opens up opportunities to graduates and all those who have always dreamt of becoming a Leslie Brown of their time. Kudos to all you who have initiated this program. I am a Graduate with B.Tech Physics/Electronics and have a keen interest in writing with excellent technical skills in telecommunications with outstanding hands-on practical training & experience. Looking forward to working with you soonest….

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