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Top Internet Marketers

Here you will be introduced to some successful internet marketers. They may not develop infrastructures like Google, but have marketed their ideas successfully on the internet

Also, you will be introduced to the basics of what is done online to make money. You will be introduced to some sites and expected to identify how they make money.


You are to list at least 10 ways you feel you can make money from the opportunities you have seen and also list 5 successful people you will like to be as successful as. Also state the qualities you have that can make you as successful.

Having known all the site’s monetization strategies. We will take you through a series of sites to see how they have applied these strategies.

You will realise from this lesson that no site on the internet offering anything for free is really free. The site is monetized in one way or the other. Some of the sites making waves in some unique categories will be looked at.

Lets look at the

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