Website Design & Development

Thinking of starting your own web design business, or have already established some business and maybe just looking to make more money?

Then great! You have come to the right place.

This web design course was essentially put together for someone like you that are looking to either start up a web design business for the first time or enhance your existing business with some knock out strategies, contracts, document templates and a no nonsense “how to” complete step by step business guide.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some website design experience, this web design course will teach you how to plan, design, build and market your own website with our…

“Simple Website Design Course that Will Not Only Provide You With an HTML Editor and Teach You Step by Step How to Create a Website, But it Will Also Show You with Web Design Videos”


Introducing The World’s Quickest & Simplest Point & Click Website Builder, Designed For People Who Want To Make Fast Cash Without Needing To Be A University Graduate With A Ph. D In Rocket Science…

Would YOU Like Your Very Own Website Up and Running In Less Than 30 Minutes, Even If You Haven’t Got a Clue About Web Design?

Well, that’s exactly what we offer here… and it doesn’t stop there!

You will be able to build the following types of sites with ease.

Content Management
Customer Relationship
Discussion Boards
Hosting Billing
Image Galleries
Mailing Lists
Polls and Surveys
Project Management
Site Builders
Real estate, auction, Form Generator etc

You will not spend more than 10 minutes to build these sites.

We will take you day by day on how to successfully build these sites for yourself and your clients without learning how to read code and the stuff.

Versatility is The Key to Success

Not only does course provide you with a massive income potential, you can also use it as a full time business. For example, if you run a business, weddings website, a car sales website or even a news letter, your business information can be integrated to your website.

You can create over tens of  niche content websites in no time at all. With this Web Design and Development course, you can create as many niche content websites as you  wish. Create only one site per week and in 12 months time you could have 100 niche content websites all earning you a small fortune.
Would You Like us to Explain a Little More and Show You Some Examples? We will give you the in house ones

  • This site is an example
  • The whole confabee site is another
  • have you seen the sites?

There are many of them running on the same platforms as you are about to learn.

And even more for you in this course. We are giving you hundreds of templates  like this

for your sites in these categories




Animals & Pets

Antiques and Collectibles

Appliance Store and Services



Assisted Living Centers

Auto Dealers


Beauty Salons

Blinds and Curtains Installation

Boats & Yachts Charters

Book Stores

Building Contractors


Cafe and Restaurants

Camp Grounds

Camping Stores

Cell Phone Equipment


Children’s Parties

Chiropractic Services

Cleaning / Maintenance


Comedy Clubs

Communication Technologies

Computer Hardware



Craft Stores

DVD & Video Rental


Driver Training




Employment Agencies



Fabric Stores


Fashion & Clothes


Fine Artists

Fitness Centers

Flowers & Gardening

Food & Drinks

Fruit & Vegetables Stores

Funeral Services


General Contractors


Glasses stores

Guns & Gunsmiths

Hardware Store

Health & Beauty

Heating &Air Conditioning

Home Inspectors

Home Theatre Installation


Hotels & Motels

Import / Export

Insurance Brokers

Interior Decorating & Design

Internet & Computer Technologies



Lawn Care


Lingerie Stores

Locks & Locksmiths

Magazine / Newspaper


Martial Arts


Modeling & Talent Agencies


Music Lessons

Nanny Services

New Home Builders

Night Clubs

Online store


Organizations & Associations


Pawn Brokers

Personal Pages

Pest Control

Pharmacy and Drug Stores

Photo & Video

Physicians & Surgeons


Pool Maintenance


Promotional Products

Real Estate



School / Day Care


Sporting Goods Retail

Sports & Recreation

Stationery & Office Equipment

Tanning Salons

Tattoos & Body Art


Tourism & Travel

Toys Stores


Tuxedo Rental

Watches Manufacture &Retail

Web Hosting

Web design


Women’s Health Clinics

What it Takes to Design a Successful Website…

Since you’ve read this far, you’re obviously very serious about designing a website. As we have been where you are right now, and we know how difficult the entire Internet experience can be, we’d like to provide you with some questions that will give you an idea of exactly what is involved in creating a professional website…Prior to designing your website, these are the questions you’ll need to ask yourself — And, you’ll need to find the answers to:

Who is your target audience and how will you reach them? How will you collect your customers information?
What product or service will you offer? How will you automate portions of your business?
Is there a market for your product or service? Where will you find the scripts you need?
Will you sell affiliate products or services? What types of scripts will you use? CGI, JavaScript?
How will you design your website? Will you write your HTML code or use an HTML editor? Will you need to hire a professional to write your scripts?
How will your website be navigated? Will you use links, buttons or a script? Will you edit and install your own scripts or hire a professional?
How will you optimize your web pages for the search engines? What kind of computer software will you need?
What type of graphics will your website use? Where will you find the software?
Where will you obtain your graphics? Will you hire a graphics designer? How will you decide on a domain name?
What graphic formats will you use — GIF, JPG? How will you register a domain name?
What fonts will you use? Which are the most legible on a computer screen? How will you launch your website on the Internet?
How will you design your website for different screen sizes? What should you look for in a quality web host?
How will you design your website for different web browsers? How will you upload your files to your web server?
How will you optimize your graphics? Should your files be uploaded in binary or ASCII mode?
How will you make your web pages load more quickly? Will you publish an ezine?
What type of content will your website offer? How will you collect your visitors’ email addresses?
Where will the content come from? How will you send out mailings?
How will you gain your visitors’ trust? How will you drive traffic to your website?
How will you build your credibility? How will you advertise your products and services?
Will you write your own sales copy or hire a copywriter? How will you test your advertising?
How will you accept payment through your website? Will you offer an affiliate program?
How will you process your orders? How will you run your affiliate program?
How will you deliver your products or services? How will you market and promote your website?

If you couldn’t answer all of the above questions, not to worry, the Web Design & Development course will take you step by step through the entire process — from preparing, and designing, to getting your web site online, accepting payment and promoting. The Web Design Mastery course is the only guide you’ll need.

The Web Design & Development course will enable you to…

Discover the closely guarded secrets to professional web design used by professional designers

Learn how to write your own HTML codes or copy and paste examples
Learn how to design a professional web page template you can use to design your entire website
Learn how to select the right fonts and where to download them free
Discover where to find professional looking graphics you can use in your pages free
Discover where you can find a great HTML editor that you can download completely free
Learn how to specifically design your web pages to rank high in the Search Engines and drive targeted traffic to your website
Learn how to create a highly targeted, cash generating Mini-Site
Learn how to write powerful website sales copy that produces results
Learn how to write killer headlines that demand attention
Discover the amazing secret headline formulas used by professional copywriters
Learn how to build your credibility and increase your sales by up to 500%
Discover where you can find completely free magnetic content that will keep your visitors coming back
Learn how to select a quality, professional web hosting company that won’t break the bank
Learn how to put your website on autopilot
Learn how to accept payment through your website
Discover where you can find sensational free scripts to spice up your website
Learn how to develop your website’s promotional strategy and drive a stampede of visitors to your website
Learn how to strategically submit your site to the Search Engines for maximum results
Learn how to develop your daily promotional strategies
Learn how to develop your weekly promotional strategies
Learn how to develop your monthly promotional strategies
Learn how to continuously advertise in hundreds of ezines completely free
Learn how to buy website traffic for only pennies a visitor
Learn how to advertise on your website for maximum results
Learn how to purchase highly effective advertising for only pennies a day
Learn how to use and format your email messages for maximum results
Learn how to use autoresponders and put your business on autopilot
Learn how to publish an in demand ezine you can use as a non-stop profit Generator

Learn how to create a killer viral marketing ebook that will be a non-stop traffic generator for years to come

BUT that wasn’t enough!

It was a great course already, but we know that some people prefer video.

So every technique is gone through in video form too. A step by step approach that you cant miss.

And there’s a lot of videos. So you can be rest assured, everything you need to know will be in here – nothing is left out.


Confabee Business School is redefining what it means to “over deliver” in an internet marketing course…

If you’ve seen any of the success stories, then you probably know that already.

This is an incredibly powerful course, and we stand by it 100%.

Plus, we want you to be completely at ease, and therefore if for any reason at all you don’t feel this course is worth TEN TIMES what you paid for it… we’ll give you a full refund.

If you order and 3 DAYS into the course you feel the course is not meeting your requirement, you can cancel your enrollment by contacting us via email and you will get a full refund (100 %) of your payment.

No questions. No hassle. No hard feelings. Plus, you can keep the part of the course you have learnt for those 3 days .

That’s how much we know you’re going to love this.

So How Much do I Pay?

It’s often said that once you control the traffic, you control the Internet!

All lectures will be delivered to your email box and the private forum to be created online.

Because lectures are delivered online, we’re able to constantly revise and update it whenever there are new techniques or approaches to report on, or exciting new test results to share.

You will be sent your login details on the day lectures will commence

Our staff will be online and by their phones to either chat with you, respond to your forum posts or answer your calls.

Complete details will be communicated to you before commencement.

All you have to do now is to make your payment quickly
as limited vacancy exist. We cannot take everybody this time.
First come, first served.

  • The lectures will be delivered online to your emails and made available also at the private online forum.
  • You can only access it when sent your username and password.
  • You can be anywhere in the world and attend the training.
  • highly competent support service will be on stand by for you online and via phone